Primus Alkaline Natural Mineral Water 500ml

Primus Alkaline Natural Mineral Water 500ml

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This untouched, extra ordinary good quality water contains valuable minerals such as calcium, magnesium, hydrogen carbonates and sulphates. It is beneficial to the human body, as each mineral has a specific effect on our health: calcium is important for healthy teeth and bones, the magnesium strengthens your nerves, muscles and the myocardium. The sulphates are important for the hair, nails, skin and promotes digestion. 

Silica in PRIMUS Water
Silica is a trace mineral that research has shown helps heal wounds, build bone and connective tissue. It also helps prevent premature ageing, cardiovascular and Alzheimer’s diseases. When taken orally as a supplement, it can turn back the clock on ageing as it revitalizes skin, hair and nails. The latest research shows that Silica plays a powerful role in promoting overall good health.

Also a lack of Silica in the diet has been connected to the onset of numerous degenerative conditions of the body.

Some other signs of Silica deficiency are:
• Alzheimer’s
• Bone support
• Brittle nails
• Burns, including sunburn
• Cardiovascular support
• Dandruff
• Dry skin, and associated conditions
• Gastrointestinal support
• Hair thinning
• Helps healing wounds
• Immune system enhancement
• Joint and cartilage inflammation and deterioration
• Premature aging
• Teeth and gum loss
• Vertigo

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