Eucalyptus Hydrosol, 500ml

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A Hydrosol is the aromatic water that remains after steam distilling botanical material. The by-products are essential oils. 

Eucalyptus 🌿 Uses:
- Expectorant/Decongestant Use 1/2 - 1 tbsp a few times a day to help purge the mucus from your body. You can add a cup of hydrosol to a steam bath or a pot of hot water to inhale.
- Deodorant Add Eucalyptus hydrosol to a fine mist spray bottle along with fine sea salt and a touch of baking soda & witch hazel or another hydrosol if available. Spray under your armpits as needed.
- Air freshener/Purifier/Diffuser Put it in a spray bottle and use as a freshener as needed. You can also add it into a cool water diffuser/purifier to keep the air clean while circulating a refreshing breeze in your rooms. This is PERFECT for the harmattan!
- Facial Toner Simply add to cotton balls and rub on your face! 
- Analgesic Soothes inflamed skin brought on by eczema, psoriasis, sun burn, acne, etc. Add to bathing water or rub on infected areas with cotton wool/pad.

Can be used in a diffuser or stored in a spray bottle and used when necessary.


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