Cedarlane Essential Oil Chia 100% Pure 10ml/0.34oz

Cedarlane Essential Oil Chia 100% Pure 10ml/0.34oz

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Chia oil is the perfect oil for your skin. Lather it all over!

Did you that our Skin is the largest organ? Yes, it absorbs anything you put on it, like a sponge!

That’s why traditional moisturizers and other skin-care products are not-so-good for you…filled with toxic chemicals and questionable ingredients…

Instead, let’s turn to nature for the answers…apply chia oil daily to your skin to nourish your blood vessels and pores deep down. Nourish your body from the outside in – FREE from Chemicals.

5. The Perfect Oil for All Dry Skin Types

If you suffer from dry skin, sun-damaged skin or want full and hydrated lips, lather a few drops of chia oil each day into your pores and start to see and feel the difference of chia oil’s unique anti-aging properties.

Organic Chia Seed Oil absorbs deep into your skin cells and significantly increases skin hydration while improving your skin’s barrier function. It can work for even the driest of skin conditions.

6. Promotes Radiant and Youthful Looking Skin

Looking for that “glowing” and radiant skin? Chia Seeds have more antioxidants than blueberries and those same qualities are present in organic chia oil, delivering essential, anti-aging nutrients, to your skin and hair.

The bottom line?

You can use chia seed oil everywhere! Apply it to your skin, rub into dry spots, and even add it to your hair conditioning routine to help nourish dry split-ends and your scalp.

Can you Cook with Chia Oil?

Yes – Surprisingly, chia seed oil has a high smoke point, higher than coconut oil!

Just keep in mind, that the more heat the oil is exposed to, the less nutrients it will provide to you. We recommend adding the oil to a light stir fry or after steaming your vegetables for maximum results.

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