AfriClay Ceramic Clay Water Filters

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The AfriClay filter is a ceramic pot filter for water purification manufactured in Ghana. This filter consists of a fired clay filter pot, a plastic bucket (storage unit), a lid to cover the ceramic pot, and a jar to dispense the filtered water.
• Free from water borne diseases.
• Easy to use.
• Water tastes good and natural.
• Water keeps cool.
• Culturally and traditionally, ceramic pots are accepted for water storage in our homes.
• Clarifies turbid (dirty) water, making it clear and pure to use.
• The pore sizes of the ceramic pot filter prevent bacteria and all cyclops from passing through, purifying contaminated water for safe use.
• All filters are coated with Colloidal Silver to prevent growth of biofilms during use.
• Can be used all year round.
• Has 3 year lifespan.
• It is inexpensive. Purchasing a filter will save a family of 4, Ghs3,600 over the filter’s three year lifespan.
• Environmentally friendly: Each AfriClay Filter also saves thousands of plastic sachets from being disposed of in the environment.

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