Who Is Your Health Care Provider?

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Did You Know......You Can Eat Your Way Out Of Degenerative Health Ailments?

  • Eat more plant based food. Avoid highly processed food and meat
  • Hydrate yourself regularly with coconut water
  • Exercise regularly
  • Enjoy good sunshine and fresh air
  • Enjoy minimum eight hours of good sleep and most importantly
  • Manage the silent killer STRESS

Isn’t it ironic that we park on the driveway, drive on the parkway, and the phrases “fat chance” and “slim chance” mean the exact same thing? Most ironic of all however, is when asked who our primary health care provider is the most common response would likely be someone other than ourselves.

Why is that ironic? The very meaning of “primary health care provider” is who we depend on more than anyone else to provide us with health. Therefore, who is better suited to help us with our own health, than us individually? The truth is we are in a better position to help ourselves than anyone else no matter their credentials!

Taking responsibility for our bodies is sometimes difficult. The excuses I hear most often are: “I don’t have time; I don’t know how or I can’t afford it.” Yet after a positive change the saying goes from “I can’t afford it” to “I can’t afford not to!” Life rarely, if ever, makes it easy for us. Life is busy, stressful and fast paced. If we don’t MAKE time for our health, then we won’t have time for our health. It comes
down to if we truly want better health and vitality or not, and if so, how bad do we want it? Will it be difficult? Likely. Will it take sacrifice? Likely. Will it be infinitely more worth it and become easier with time? Absolutely!

Many people also say, “I can’t treat myself,” not realizing that they already are! Better health, preventative medicine and the way we “treat ourselves” starts at the end of our fork. We “treat” ourselves everyday whether we realize it or not with our choices in food, liquid and the levels of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual exercise we do. Our health is up to us, and only we can do something
about it. It begins with our own determination to treat ourselves better and the realization that we are worth it! I understand it may be difficult to begin and often times the hardest step we have to take towards a new goal or positive lifestyle change is the first one, but you can do it!

The fact that we can help ourselves and others is one of the things I love about natural healing! It doesn’t force our reliance upon others like traditional medicine. Rather, it enables us and empowers us to help ourselves! It’s safe, effective, reliable, less expensive and can be grown and harvested for free. It can help
build our confidence and intuition so we can then help others! In the end is that not what life is about? Loving and helping others? Our health is not something to be held hostage by others.
Traditional medicine has its place and should be used when needed in times of emergency. However, why not start today with preventative “treatments”? Why not determine today to make a change to “treat yourself” and optimize your health? Health is like math, and even the most complicated problems can be simplified.

At LifeWellness Wholistic Center we teach you how to simplify. It has been a tremendous resource for myself and countless others. We empower our clients to take a step back and look at the source of the issue as a whole verses focusing on the symptoms and parts. Simplify with cleansing, nourishing, and healing and you’re already on your way!

To put a healthy spin on a well-known quote: Give a man something from your garden and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to garden and you feed him for a lifetime.

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