A New Look On Life – Will You Be Dying This Year?

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Did You Know …….

 Sitting at a desk can increase death risk by almost 50 per cent?
 ATM machines and public toilets are equally dirty?
 If you’re an optimist, it could help you live longer?
 Smelling an apple can prevent claustrophobia?
If you’re tired… you should exercise?
 Sit-ups won’t give you a flat stomach?
 Handwriting things can help your memory?
 To cool down, you must drink something hot?
 Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it feeds your body and mind with the necessary nutrients and energy to function throughout the day? Eating breakfast regularly will also help keep weight off because it gets your
metabolism going.
 Physical activity like aerobic exercise (walking, running),
muscle-strengthening (weight-lifting), bone-strengthening
(jumping rope), and balance and stretching activities (yoga,
pilates, dancing) are especially beneficial to a healthy body.?

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A New Look On Life – Will You Be Dying This Year?
The life expectancy for Ghana is age 60 for men and women. How close are you
to the age when the government expects you to die? This life expectancy is based on the overall conditions under which people in a certain geographic area are subjected to based on the social, environmental and economic care given by the government.
For most people they begin to wrap up their lives based on these government
statistics when they have found their truth in either the poverty stricken
environmental factors or the westernized fallacy of “living”. These two enemies
of life make up the two extremes in Ghana today. Among the determinants of
the life expectancy, the individual and the government are responsible for certain
aspects of dying at an early age. When a man dies at 52, although he has the
capability of living well into the 100’s, it is caused by premature aging, organ
degeneration, a dis-ease state of the body, or accident. All of these causes in reality are preventable.
Man is responsible for the majority of his social actions but not all of his social
programming. The government regulates the mass education in the country
because they want to create a people that will be cooperative to their agenda as 
governing officials. Thus, most of your social programming is reflective of what you learned in schools and the social environment of home. Social premature aging and disease factors include unrestricted dietary practices (popular culture and family), you eat what you grew up eating; high starch, animal flesh, pesticide contaminated foods and sugar products.
Industrial farmers are allowed to produce locally and import foodstuff that have
been proven to be compromising to the human body. Are you caught up in the chemical based social habits that promote lifestyle diseases? Smoking, drinking and drugs (legal/illegal), these social factors are only done out of ignorance and self-neglect and cause an innumerable amount of damage to the body systems. A few other social factors include night clubs, the den where lifestyle diseases come to be nourished, recreational sex and feeding the animalistic nature with dysfunctional relationships.
Environmentally, the very air you breathe has been compromised by government
regulated and unregulated pollution. It is official; you now need a gas mask to not
be contaminated by the carbon pollution in Accra. The stress of travel on the
roads of Ghana puts one in an emotional tailspin. Therefore, country
infrastructure is also a factor, the chemical pollution from construction is also
deadly to your overall body system when ingested through breath, eating foods
off the street and travelling through these zones on a daily basis. The last
environmental factor is waste management (ignorance and bureaucracy), living
in filth breeds disease and death. Although the government has put forth some
efforts to keep the country clean, there is still much attention and work that needs
to be done.
Economically, poverty is still a serious economic factor not only in Ghana, but
the world. For us here in Ghana the rate of pay that is offered never matches the
expenses that have been imposed to live a life of comfort for every Ghanaian.
Therefore, we find ourselves eating what we can, not repairing our vehicles to
meet air quality standards, turning to destructive social habits as a means of
escape and living in unsanitary conditions due to lack of finances. To remedy this
some will self-impose long work hours and over working the body can cause organ degeneration due to a lack of sleep. All of these factors are promoted/tolerated in the system we live in and contribute to the life expectancy of less than sixty years old.How long do you want to live? 52, 69, 77, 101, 230…all of these ages are possible if you create the type of lifestyle that is conducive to health, nutrition, organ regeneration, youth principles and spiritual balance. The key to living in this manner is education and courage to change that which you know is not right for YOUR LIFE EXPECTANCY GOAL!

WWND (What Will Nature Do)
One of my constant mantras for healthy living and teaching naturopathy is,
"What Would Nature Do?'" People as a product of nature, have no choice but to
live by the dictates of this all-encompassing force of the universe. It is evident that
when we stray from the goodness and consistent pattern of nurturing that nature
provides the body, mind and spirit suffer. Nature holds firm to what has been put
in place for humanity's well-being.
To ask the question, what would nature do is both humbling and empowering.
The question beholds nature as the greatest adviser for what is best for body, mind and spirit, and the answer to the question empowers you with the best possible solution or point of clarity that exist under the sun. However, in order to know what nature would actually do, you would have to study the great powers of this divine entity.
If you have a question about what to eat, how did nature give it to us?
If you have a question about what to put on the body, is it nature made or manmade? If you have a question about how to structure your life, follow nature's
time line.
The answers to all your health needs is simple, use what nature has provided and
use what nature provides in the ways his great energy intended to achieve
harmony in your health.
In closing I share with you a few LIFE LONGEVITY TIPS:
1. Eat a balanced diet with lots of water, vegetables and fruits, eliminate meat.
2. Release all chemical based social habits.
Time With LifeWellness
3. Learn a weekly or monthly respiratory detox if you live in the city or after
travel to the city
4. Take time to relax and develop a system of meditation daily
5. Live within your means in safe and clean surroundings
Life is a state of mind. How’s your thinking?

Credit: Dr. Akua Gray, ND is a Doctor of Naturopathy with A Life Of Peace WellnessInstitute – Ghana and consultant for LifeWellness Wholistic Center

Kolawole Braimah, CEO and Managing
Partner at LifeWellness Wholistic Center
is a Health & Wellness Consultant,
Iridologist, Energy Healer, Life Coach and ABNLP Certified NLP Practitioner

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