The Mucusless Diet

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Did You Know …….

  • Laughing lowers levels of stress hormones and strengthens the immune system?
  • The benefits of exercise are more than just for weight management. Exercise also combats stress, promotes better sleep and activates the immune system.
  • Touch stimulates the release of endorphins (the body's natural pain killers). There are approximately 5 million touch receptors in our skin—3,000 in each finger tip.
  • Research has shown that when people exercise by walking, they walk 30% longer if they walk to music.
  • Drinking water before and after a spa treatment, reduces soreness and helps to flush the body of toxins released from the muscles.

Six and a half years ago my body was not the healthiest. I thought I was being healthy by eating from the food pyramid. However, my body began to tell me otherwise. I started getting blisters all over my body that were very itchy. I was covered in these blisters but did not know what to do. I saw various doctors and tried a variety of supplements and prescriptions, but was never successful at getting rid of the “bumps.” What was even more frustrating was that every doctor had a different diagnosis. To say I was confused was an understatement. A good friend of mine came for a visit one evening. He had a book for my husband and I to read. It was “The China Study” by T. Collin Campbell. As my husband and I read this book, and later watched the documentary, Forks Over Knives, we were inspired and knew we needed to make changes to our diet.

We changed overnight, but we ate a lot of burritos. I had no clue what to make anymore. I still made homemade bread, because I did not know what else to do with my wheat. I was frustrated in the kitchen but happy on the scale. However, my bumps became worse before they got better. I was trying but I needed something more. I started researching schools. I told myself that if I could become an herbalist, maybe I could heal myself completely. I was on the phone one night with a woman who told me about a School of Natural Healing and a course called the Family Herbalist Course.

"There never have been two diseases in the world. There is only one disease: the compromising of the mucous membrane, and the mucous membrane of the African has been compromised for 400 years now."

- Dr. Sebi

It still took me time to sign up because of a move. I eventually signed up and read about the Mucusless Diet. Dr. Christopher had outlined and learned what foods to eat and what not to eat. Fruits and slow cooked grains became my breakfast of choice. I did not need toast to fill me up. Scrambled eggs were no longer on the breakfast meal plan because of their mucus forming properties. I felt better without them.

Vegetables were a little harder to grasp because I was not a big salad eater and I cooked every vegetable I had in my refrigerator. Eating vegetables in their whole state slowly become the norm. Celery sticks, carrot sticks, cucumber, red peppers with humus don’t last long on the table these days. Nuts and seeds were so new to me. I could eat peanut butter every day of the week but having ground flaxseed in my green smoothies and nuts in my breakfast bowl and salads were so yummy and a welcome treat. Fish and chicken were nice to have occasionally, but I don’t need them on a daily basis. I missed eating a hamburger so I learned to make veggie burgers. I loved them and found I did not feel sick after eating my veggie burger.

Honestly, I feel better without meat and poultry. Almond milk quickly became my milk of choice. I suffered from eczema for years but no longer have a problem if I don’t have any dairy at all. Refined sugar, flour and flour products, and salt were tricky to take out of my diet. I would get really sick every other month shortly after I started this diet. It was like I had the flu. I learned that the more sugar, flour products and salt I had, the sicker I was. It took a couple of years to detox and reset my body, but I no longer suffer from these bouts of sickness.

The supplements that Dr. Christopher’s Mucusless Diet recommends have brought added healing and health. An apple cider vinegar and raw honey drink before meals warms my stomach and helps with digestion. Cayenne is healing to the body and the blood stream and my bumps. Dr. Christopher recommended taking cayenne three times a day and I am still working up to this (It’s HOT!) Molasses is full of good iron for the body to easily assimilate. Kelp is a substitute for salt and great for the thyroid. I started taking kelp a few weeks ago, and my body feels great. I’m even losing weight. Wheat germ oil was a welcome addition to my supplementation. My constant dry skin went away and my hands and feet became soft.

I still have my moments of itchiness and there is weight to still loose. Sometimes I get busy and forget my supplements or make a bad food choice that I regret later. I am learning that food is my medicine. All those prescriptions that the doctors wanted me to take for life would not be truly healing. The Mucusless Diet was the answer.

Credit: Samantha Allen, The School of Natural Healing & Christopher Publications


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